7 ways to know if you’re a good country dancer

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1 You own country dance boots.

Ok lets get this out of the way before the more serious stuff. If you have been country dancing for any length of time you need a pair of awesome dance boots!

2.You realize that neither you, nor your dancing need to be “fixed.”

Nothing is ever broken with us. We are all just growing as dancers and people. You dont expect miracles from your instructors or quick solutions to learning good technique and skill. You know deep down that the only person who can makeyou a better dancer is you.

3. You realize that practice is a personal commitment

A commitment to yourself, not your coach, teacher, or partner. Practice is how you build integrity. It is how you create alignment between what you believe about yourself as a dancer and what actually happens on the dance floor. Repeating specific behaviors to produce a consistent desired outcome is how we achieve what we believe.

4. You're open to new information

Your openness to new information is equal to your desire to be amazing. You can only a-maze yourself if you are willing to see who you are and what you know in new and different ways. No matter how many years youve been dancing, you hunger for learning more.

5. You appreciate all dancers.

You appreciate other dancers for their individual uniqueness and experience. You know how to “read” a partner and dance to their level, not yours. You value your ability to communicate with another dancer over showing off your skills. You havent forgotten you were once a beginner too.

6. You stop judging yourself.

You refuse to judge yourself (or others) by the dances you experience. You don’t label any dance as “bad” no matter how it goes down on the floor. You take responsibility for your dancing. You know by now that it’s impolite to blame others when things don’t go as planned. You’ve learned to check your expectations before pointing your finger at another.

7. You know exactly when worlds is.

Ok now that we have the serious stuff out of the way. If you're a good country dancer your year is built around your competition calendar and you know exactly when the world championships is. If not...? Go back to step #1 and star again 😉

About the Author:

Tracy Martin contributing writer to CountryDancePros. She is an Author, Life Coach, Soul Searcher and former successful competitive ballroom, swing & country dancer. She has spend countless hours on the floor as a student as a teacher and even more time contemplating and writing about her journey.

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