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Competitive dancing can be a tricky thing. It's not like the 100m dash where the first person to cross the finish like wins. It can be very subjective. The big key is to focus not on the results but on improving. That being said this is a competition so lets dig in a little.

Triple Two

Triple Two is dance unique to country. It's a smooth, progressive dance with looped and laced patterns performed with curved sway and shaping actions, emphasizing connected feathers. Smooth movement across the floor and a nice top line are important here.


Polka is a fast moving dance. A clear lilt in your basic is a good place to start. Tight turns are a must as well as clean connections and strong arm lines.


Nightclub is more closely related to Bolero but has NO rise and fall. A strong ability to move smoothly across the floor and create volume with your shapes, arms and connections will go a long way.

Cha Cha

Cha Cha here is much like american rhythm. Both rhythm and latin actions are acceptable so don't get bogged down with that. Clear rhythms and cuban motions are a must in cha cha

Two Step

Two step is the classic country dance. You must have fast clean turns and connections and show the difference between the quicks and the slows.


This is just like american smooth waltz. Largely country dancers pass their feet a all levels except syllabus A & B. All basic ballroom dance concepts apply. Foot work, swing and sway and top line are all important here.

East Coast Swing 

Country ECS again is much like American Rhythm. Country judges are not a fan of 'jive' actions too much but like a more traditional grounded american rhythm swing.

West Coast Swing

West Coast Swing is actually the most popular social dance at country events. Judges like to see clear rhythms and a good elasticity in the connections within partnerships.

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