9 reasons Country Comps are COOLER than Ballroom

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“9 Reasons Why Country Comps Are Cooler Than Ballroom Comps”

1. Country comps are more casual, laid back, and friendly.

Attendees of country comps are very supportive of each other, both on and off the dance floor. That’s because UCWDC events are less cliquey than other competition circuits. You will find people of all ages, shapes, sizes, and ability levels who are dancing, talking, and hanging out together. The dress code for country events is more relaxed too, with the emphasis on comfort. Jeans and a t-shirt are typically considered appropriate attire.

2. Social Dancing

Unlike at ballroom events, there are plenty of opportunities, day or night, for social dancing. And unlike West Coast Swing conventions, you get to dance and practice a bunch of different dances, not just one. Social dancing gives non-competitors and competitors alike the opportunity to dance with friends and strangers from all over the world. It is an amazing feeling to practice lead and follow to great music!

3. Jack & Jills

You can compete in Jack & Jill contests in many dance styles, including West Coast Swing, Two Step, Nightclub Two Step, Hustle, etc. In a Jack & Jill competition you do not know ahead of time who’ll be your partner or to which song you’ll be dancing. This type of competition is fun and relaxed, and you can even win prize money. Many UCWDC events are also registered and affiliated with the World Swing Dance Council, and the points earned are transferred from the country circuit to the West Coast Swing circuit. So, this means you can enter a West Coast Swing Jack & Jill at a country event and have the points you earn count towards your West Coast Swing WSDC points registry.

4. Workshops

UCWDC events offer workshops that are included in the price of the weekend pass, or you can pay a-la-cart for the workshops of your choice. These workshops are offered at many different levels and a wide variety of dance styles. They are usually taught all day long by the top competitors and judges. They feature the most current information, as well as trendy, up-to-date patterns and stylings.

5. Line Dancing

You don't need a partner to enjoy dancing or competing. Many UCWDC events have line dance categories where you can showcase your talents solo! You can train and improve on your own, without having to deal with partner drama.

6. Pro-am

Pro-am is one of the best ways to improve your dancing! You can enter a contest with your pro instructor and compete against others in your age category and ability level.

7. Country Music

If you’re a country music fan, UCWDC events will be a blast! They have great DJ's from throughout the USA, playing country tunes during the competitions, social dances, and dinner shows. They also throw in some non-country and pop music too.

8. Pro shows are funny and entertaining.

The Master's solo medleys are usually themed to be comical and entertaining. These routines are even more impressive and memorable because they feature comical storylines and funny costuming. The pros not only want to showcase their dance skills, but also their personalities. Audiences are fully engaged, enjoying the fun and laughter throughout the evening.


You can compete in three qualifying events and then enter the end-of-year grand national country event called WORLDS. At WORLDS you have the rare opportunity to win a World Championship title! You can also win event paraphernalia that commemorate your title, like jackets and belt buckles. In addition, this comp is typically held in delightful locations, like Disney World or Opryland!

10. BONUS: They are CHEAPER!

Country competitions are a WAY better value over ballroom. The cost to enter competitions is about 40% cheaper than ballroom competitions PLUS you get lots of social dancing, workshops and more. You typically pay no extra fees. Once you get your weekend pass and pay your competition fees almost everything is included. Its an AWESOME value!

About the author:
Devorah Kastner is a contributing writer for CountryDancePros.com. She has been a professional dance instructor for the past 15 years. Based out of Arizona, she teaches group classes and private lessons in all styles of partner dance. She has built a successful Pro-am business and enjoys sharing her  experience and knowledge to help others get started!

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  1. I use to love line dancing . I don’t take lessons now for I’m much older, now 84. I still like to do it occasionally at home for some exercise. I just try to do some I get from the computer. People that dance seem like happy people and friendly people.

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