Students Guide to Country Dancing

Does country look fun? Want to participate? There are many ways, ProAm, AmAm, linedance, teams and more. Below are some common questions. Please email us and we will help PERSONALLY! 

Why is country awesome?

With 8 dances to chose from plus the combination of Competition & Social dancing country dance weekends are aweseome. Plus... It's cheaper than ballroom! 

How to get started competing in country?

Learn how you can get started competing in ProAm or AmAm or even line dancing. 

What are the 8 competitive country dances?

Country had 8 dances. Some are 'really country' like 2- Step. Some are more 'ballroom' like waltz, cha cha and ECS. Learn more...

Why country is better than ballroom!

Yep we said it. Country is better than ballroom. You can be serious about your dancing but have more fun and it's cheaper that ballroom!

5 Reasons country dancing is cooler than you think!

Country dancing has some unique things that are not present at ballroom competitions. It's less expensive, has social dancing, workshops and a friendlier 'less stuffy' feel.

You could become a world champion!

Country dancing has a world championships! You can work through the year to qualify to dance at 'worlds' with a shot at becoming a world champion in dancing!

I help you get started!

Got a question? Looking for a ProAm Teacher? Need help with understanding rules? Want to just 'fit in' in country?

Our team will help personally!

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